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A Question of Being Human                            





A Meditation in Thirteen Parts - with an Afterword on ‘Boredom’.




1 Beginnings (In Medias Res, ‘after all’).

2 The ‘Eternal Present.’

3 Past and future (past experience).

4 Gift of Place/Place of Gift.

5 The ‘Cut’ /the Opening.

6 Incoming.

7 (Between) Subject and Object.

8 (Between) Inside and Outside.

9 Whole/hole: (Room/Architecture).

10 ‘Authenticity’.

11 Hidden Terrors (Eternity/Other/Sublime).

12 Ritual.

13 Exchanges.


Afterword: (By) Passing Time (Heidegger on Boredom).









Copyright Peter Nesteruk, 2012.