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Many of the short essays and extracts collected here ask questions of the artwork, object, space or practice from the point of view of its use of time, or of time’s other, the outside of time. At issue is the reading of time as it is presented in its symbolic or rhetorical aspects and how these contribute to time’s social, ritual, or community-making function. It is suggested that all these aspects of time’s representation taken together constitute a significant part of what we usually call a work’s impact; its affective meaning - its effect upon us.

Whatever the object, image, space or process under discussion, it is the experience they offer to us and the role this experience plays in forming ourselves that gives the unifying theme to this collection.

Some of the following will find (or will have found) their way into academic (or other) publication, as such they constitute works-in-progress: some will remain as speculative propositions (to borrow a term from Hegel), thought experiments and downright provocations - couched in a decidedly non-academic lyric/performative style.

Please feel free to cite the contents of this website, the author only desires that you observe the usual protocols and cite the source together with the proper name it bears: P. J. Nesteruk, website and copyright date. Many Thanks.

Dr. Nesteruk is a freelance writer, researcher and lecturer who lives and works in Beijing, China.




FILM: Chongqing: The Disappeared City (As We Imagine It). English Version








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