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Double Economy: Contents Page

Double Economy: Introduction


Double Economy I: Describing the World


Double Economy II/III: Diremptions


Double Economy IV: Repetition


Diremption and Gender/Gender Diremption

Diremption and Class

Notes on Value

Notes on a Return to Retro-utopias

Popular Culture is Romantic



The First Time… (is always retrospective…)


Listening to Music III


Thinking and Eternity


Sleep and Ritual


Theses on Rituality

Rituality (a collection)

Comparative Aesthetics (Chinese Gardens)

Mimesis/Anti-Mimesis - Representation and Aesthetics: Rituality, the Beautiful and the Sublime; Performativity and Architecture (extracts).

Exchange and Identity

Negative Constant


Time Spent


A Question of Being Human: A Meditation in 13 parts with an Afterword on ‘Boredom’.

Whole/hole: (Room/Architecture)

From ‘A Question of Being Human (9)

On Viciousness

The Object of Travel

Technology & Art

Beyond Good and Evil (Again)


Photography Theory

Durkheim  (‘On Suicide’)

Deleuze, Bergson, Time and Temporality


Gift of Value

Return of Gift


The Context of the Self


Venice Carnival/Masks


(Visiting) The Places of the Dead

Indifferent Persons

Interstitial (religion without religion)

Anchoring outside…


Beyond Belief


A Rhetoric of Time in the Arts (extracts)


The Logic of Layers (Logic and Language I)

Epimenides (Logic and Language II)

Zero to Two (Logic & Language III)

Temporality and ‘Difference’ (Logic & Language IV)





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