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The Double Economy: Essays in Diremption. Vols I & II.          





Volume I


Introduction & Reading Suggestion


Part 1: The Double Economy:


I Knowledge at its Limits: Introduction to Disjunctive Reciprocity and the 4 Zones; Derrida and Feminism as case in point. 


II Living on the Faultline: Diremptions (describing the world).


III Diremption and Temporality: Double Economy and our experience of time.


IV Diremption and Repetition (Difference) & Double Economy and Repetition in the Eternal Present and the Rhetoric of the Eternal Return, Other Repetitions.


V (Interstitial/Methodology) Between Subject/Object.


VI Subject/Object in Thought and Language.


VII Comparison and Contiguity; Metaphor or Metonymy?


VIII Exchange, Identity Exchange or Disjunctive Reciprocity.


IX Disjunctive Reciprocity and the Eternal Present.


X The Eternal Present, two kinds of time; Disjunctive Reciprocity and Unidirectionality; Il-logical Reflections; Metaset, Recursion, Subject, Eternal Present and Thought.


XI (Pre) Positions: In/Out. Again, the Four Zones. Logic and Limits.


XII Translating Diremption: Between macro and micro levels.


XIII Final Conclusion: On Chasms and Bridges Literary Codicil.



Part 2: Essays on Diremption: 


Broadband Ritual (Cyclicity and Exchange).

Lost Horizons (On Landscapes.

Qualities of Life (Space/Time and the Diremption).

On Reversibility.

Film & Theatre.

Diremption & Desire.

Speech Acts and Voice.

Diremption & Distinction.

Diremptive Focus.

Kant - & Hegel.

Diremption Demystified/Antidote.

Appendix: Exchanges & Gifts: On Durkheims On Suicide.



Essays on Diremption. Volume II





The Real.


Kant again.

Social Time and the Diremption.

Derrida contra Derrida.

Heidegger/Ge-stell/ Van Gogh.

Ritual, Repetition, Frame.


Philosophy of Biography.

Public /Private

Death and Diremption.







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