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Extracts from: Peter Nesteruk, A Rhetoric of Time in the Arts:

                 Eternity, Entropy and Utopia in Visual Culture (2011).





Extract I:            Cover Introduction, Contents Page and Preface.



Extract 2: From: Chapter One: A Short History of the Rhetoric of Eternity:

Priority and Narrative in Medieval and Renaissance Art.



Extract 3: From: Chapter Two: Painting: Time and Affect in Two Dimensions



Extract 4: From: Chapter Three: Photography and Identity:

The Image of Captured Time.



Extract 5: From Chapter Four: Architecture in Pieces: the Rhetoric of Cohesion.



Extract 6: From: Chapter Five: Utopia and Dystopia:

Eternity and Entropy in Twentieth Century Architecture.



Extract 7:          Afterword: The Visual Field.




Copyright, Peter Nesteruk, 2011.