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Popular Culture


On Images of Women…


Listening to Popular Music

Nick Cave

Leonard Cohen

Popular Art

Reality TV

The Idea of Scarcity

The Life of Cultural Objects

Sublime Traffic


The Peace of the Dead

The Ruins of Anchor Wat

The Wisdom Path  (Lantau, Hong Kong)

The Object of Travel

Photography Theory

Chongqing (Chinese Cities IV)

Cultural Difference and Travel (Tourism)

Visions: Being Somewhere/Else








Pleasure, Pain & Culture


Theses on Rituality



Cinema (work in progress):


Watching Film I


Watching Film II


Last Year at Marienbad


On the Patina and Rhythm of Desire (I)

Patina of Desire II

Patina of Desire III

Patina of Desire IV

Patina of Desire V


Between Sacred and Profane: The Religious Theme Park

Public Sculpture

On Viciousness

A Short History of the Complaint




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