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Film Project: ‘Chongqing: The Disappeared City’ (Chinese Version)


电影项目: 重庆:消失的城市  (中文)



On this page you can find the links that will enable you to see the various parts of the Film Project: ‘Chongqing the Disappeared City’. Made from old and new photographs as well as video footage, the film was photographed entirely on our mobile phones (one Apple, one Huawei) and edited in PR on an ordinary laptop. There are two trailers (so far) and the rest of the episodes (or paragraphs) are being released on a weekly basis on the Chinese webportal, Bilibili/. This is a rough cut and we will re-edit and re-combine the ‘paragraphs’ at the end of the process, hopefully sometime in the autumn of this year (2020). Please feel free to make comments and suggestions – and even to propose your favourite combination of parts…


Peter Nesteruk wrote the text (other texts on Chongqing and urban space can be found on this website) Sophie Cai (Caicai/蔡蔡) provided most of the images (with some additional images by Peter) and edited the film. Ouyang Yiwen translated the original English text into Chinese, and provided the voiceover.


Sophie and Peter have also worked together on a book about architecture in Beijing.


蔡蔡和彼得也一起唱作一本关于北京建筑的书: 北京天际线






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预告片/ Trailers


预告片/ Trailer 1


预告片/ Trailer 2



重庆:消失的城市 (中文)/ ‘Chongqing: The Disappeared City’


Part 1:  召唤


Part 2:  回忆


Part 3:


Part 4:  插曲


Part 5:  石阶


Part 6:  角度


Part 7:  方向


Part 8:


Part 9:


Part 10:


Part 11:


Part 12:


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Part 14:


Part 15:


Part 16:


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