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Short films…


Chinese Gardens: Stone




Chinese Gardens: Chongqing Nanshan Park




Heaven is Boring/天堂很无聊



Ancestral Voices


(….also on Youtube on Matthew Crampton’s account)





Listening to Music VI / Diremption and Music

Angkor Wat: Statues


Double Economy Vol III Contents Page

Stone Phantasmagoria




Diremption and Gender/Gender Diremption

Diremption and Class

Notes on Value

Notes on a Return to Retro-utopias

Popular Culture is Romantic






The Double Economy: and Other Essays on Diremption

Subtitle: ‘Disjunctive Reciprocity (Knowledge at its Limits). Diremptive Isomorphisms: Contraries and Parallelisms in the Sciences, Thought, Art and Culture.  On describing and representing the world in a non-unified field or divided manifold’. Introduction.



The Double Economy: Contents Page





Film Project: ‘Chongqing: The Disappeared City’ (Chinese Version)


电影项目: 重庆:消失的城市  (中文)


Film Project: ‘Chongqing: The Disappeared City’ (English Version Page)


电影项目: 重庆:消失的城市  (英文页)


(Complete film available in Chinese and English versions on Homepage)


Chongqing: The Disappeared City, Filmscript



Chinese Gardens: On Stone II


Ode…(a short film by Gaobo)


Double Economy I: Describing the World


Double Economy II/III: Diremptions


Double Economy IV: Repetition



The First Time… (is always retrospective).


Listening to Music III


Thinking and Eternity


Sleep and Ritual





Waterfalls I

Waterfalls I (中文)

Waterfalls II


Chongqing II

Cinema III/ Deleuze and Cinema (Watching Film III)

Deleuze, Bergson, Time and Temporality


Chinese Gardens: Isomorphy

Chinese Gardens: Totem

Chinese Gardens: Raising the Spirits





Balinese Gardens


Durkheim (‘On Suicide’)

Vivien Zhang/张月薇

On Images of Women…





Italian Gardens II


Venice Carnival/Masks


(Visiting) The Places of the Dead


Jackson Pollack


The Context of Self


Moments of Ritual Displacement: Strategies of Being Lost.


Instants de déplacement ritual: stratégies de l’être-perdu.


Chongqing (Chinese Cities IV)


Cultural Difference and Travel (Tourism)


Visions : Being Somewhere/Else







Chinese Gardens: Contents and Prelude



Gao Bo: Black & White Photography as Ritual




A Theory of Black and White Photography: Black and White Photography in China (China Nationality Art Photography Publishing House, 2016). Language: Chinese & English. Fully Illustrated.  Extract: Introduction (English).


黑白照片的理论:黑白摄影在中国 (中国民族摄影艺术出版社,2016). 

片段:前言 (中文)





Beyond Good and Evil (Again)


Return of Gift


Theses on Rituality


Photography Theory (The Uncanny Image)






William Faulkner: An Aesthetics of Transgression. A Study in Excess Identity & Exchange (Amazon, 2014). Introduction.


The Ruins of Ankor Wat


Anselm Kiefer


Technology & Art


The Object of Travel





Beijing Solarscapes: A Visual Anthropology (extracts).


Mimesis/Anti-Mimesis - Representation and Aesthetics: Rituality, the Beautiful and the Sublime; Performativity and Architecture (extracts).


798 The Industrial Aesthetic part 1

798 The Industrial Aesthetic part 2


GaoBo I ( BoMu)


GaoBo II (BuMu)




On Viciousness


Public Sculpture


Wisdom Path (Lantau, Hong Kong)


Zero to Two (Logic & Natural Language III)


Temporality and ‘Difference’ ( Derrida) (Logic and Natural Language IV)


A Short History of the Complaint




Pinhole/Camera Obscura


Digital night


Size matters




Time and Literary Genre 2




The Logic of Layers (Logic and Natural Language I)


Epimenides (Logic and Natural Language II)


On Being Human (A Meditation in Thirteen Parts - with an Afterword on ‘Boredom’)




Between Art and Photography: International Trends in Art and their Influence on Photography





Beyond Belief (Necessary Fictions: Rights and Values after Belief)


Jewish Museum, Berlin


A Rhetoric of Time in the Arts (extracts)



黑白摄影在中国 (Black & White Photography in China)



Black & White Photography in China (English Version)



The Peace of the Dead



Wiebke Maria Wachmann (English)


Wiebke Maria Wachmann (Deutsch)


Wiebke Maria Wachmann (from catalogue)



Transgression (Redux)


Lakes and Pools (Exhibition Version 2010)


Last Year at Marienbad




The Aesthetics of Black and White Photography: An Introduction


Prisons (Lu Nan/吕楠)




Tampering with the Image


2010 Art Trends


Classical Music (again)


Patina of Desire IV


Patina of Desire V


Lu Nan: Lyrical Photography


Lu Nan (in Chinese) 吕楠 (中文)


Between Sacred and Profane : The Religious Theme Park


Gift of Value






Anchoring Outside


Closing Time


In Between


Indifferent Persons


Interstitial (religion without religion)


Passing Judgement


Ritual and Democracy